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The Muirside Estate

Happy Pooch is conveniently located on the Muirside estate in Tullibody.  We provide dog care services throughout the Wee County and the surrounding areas. Happy Pooch caters to the growing trend of individuals, couples and families who enjoy the love, companionship and fulfillment of having pets, but struggle to balance their care with a busy lifestyle.  We have clients from all walks of life, retired, working and stay at home parents, that just need that bit of help caring for the needs of their pets.



Summer vacation

We have many returning customers who will book our Boarding Service well in

advance for their family vacations and we endeavour to make their preparation

that little bit easier by confirming their booking early.



Sometimes, owning a dog can feel like a full time job. If you already work, have a family and a social life, it can seem like there are not enough hours in the day. This can leave you feeling like it’s impossible to give your four-legged friend the love, attention and time they need to stay healthy and happy.  Happy Pooch dog care services can ease that stress by assisting you with the daily walks or provide day care if your working or got the full day out the house.

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