Dog Walking routes throughout Clackmannanshire

Are you keen to find new and safe walks to take your four-legged friend on to get yourself for a bit of Mindfulness? Dog walking is an ideal way to getting away from all the current COVID restrictions and can be good for your Mental Wellbeing


  • A sheltered walk for much of the route through mixed woodland and a section alongside the River Devon. Distance: 6.5 miles (10.5km).
  • Cross the road to join the Devon Way. After 100m go through the gate to the right and follow the path which initially runs parallel to the Devon Way. After 500m swings to the right to cross a bridge over the River Devon.
  • Follow this path through mixed woodland (Melloch Wood and Lawmuir Wood). The path is initially rough tarmac but peters out to a muddy track at the top of the first rise. After 2km the path meets a larger path (not shown on the OS map). Turn left here going downhill to pass a large grey house then go along a tree-lined track for 200m before turning right through a gate to Lower Sheardale.
  • Turn left at disused farm buildings and cross the River Devon to meet the Devon Way heading towards Dollar. When the first houses come into view on the left after about 400m. Ignore the first path to the left but take the second which follows a small stream to the main road.
  • Turn right, then after 200m turn left along Mylne Avenue, then left again between two Dollar Academy sports fields. At the end turn left again along the Back Road (see below) and then the path which runs parallel to the main road.
  • After just under 1km, immediately after the last house, turn left to the main road. Cross the road, go left for 120m then right and first right again to return to the Devon Way and back to Tillicoultry.


If you would rather have our team take your dog out as you just do not have the time.  This may be due to work or social engagements, why don’t you book one of our 1-hour walks.

The Ochil Hills in Winter


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