Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions will be met:

Happy Pooch cares about the physical and mental wellbeing of your pets and will always make their wellbeing our priority.   

All pets/animals under the care and supervision of Happy Pooch are required to be in good general health. Proof of which will be required including vaccinations and/or medication and all animals must be free from fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites and parasites.

In the case of an emergency, Happy Pooch will contact you at the given emergency number/s as soon as possible to discuss the situation. If you are un-contactable and veterinary attention is required, Happy Pooch reserves the right to prioritise the needs of your pet and will take your pet to the veterinary practice designated in our client personal details form. In the event of a life-threatening situation, we will take your pet to the closest veterinary practise to our location. 

Owners are responsible for the payment of any veterinary fees incurred.

Dogs must be sociable with other dogs, adults and children, this is imperative as we have pets of our own and also young family members. 

If your dog is not able to be walked with other dogs or requires individual attention then your dog can be walked on its own through our one to one service.

As the pet owner, you must disclose any behaviour or health problems which may make the dog unsuitable for walking/boarding, including, antisocial behaviour or aggression during the initial consultation.

Failure on the part of you/the owner to disclose any matter which might render the dog unsuitable for dog walking/boarding will be deemed a fundamental breach of our agreement.   

Happy Pooch will not handle any dangerous dogs.

When dogs are under the care of Happy Pooch a suitable collar and lead must be provided. 

All dogs will remain on a lead unless we are confident that the dog will do a recall and a prior agreement has been reached and written permission has been received from the owner. 

Walks will last for 1 hour starting from the beginning of the walk unless otherwise arranged. We reserve the right to alter the  walking time should we deem necessary and in the best  interests of the safety of your dog (e.g. weather conditions,  injury, age of dog etc.) 

If Happy Pooch is unable to gain access to your pet on scheduled days, depending on circumstance, service may still be chargeable. 

All keys and personal information about the owners and pets will be kept in a secure place, with keys being locked separately in a safety box. 

No information regarding the client or animal will be released to anyone outside of Happy Pooch. Happy Pooch respects the privacy and safety of all it’s clients and their pets.

Before any service commences, there will be an initial consultation meeting. A client personal details form for your pet  (inc. a photo) will be created and kept by Happy Pooch. A  disclaimer signature will be required from the client before the service will commence.

Fees are stated and agreed on during your initial consultation with Happy Pooch. Payments for services are to be made in advance by arrangement either in cash or by cheques.  

All pet Boarding bookings are subject to a 50% deposit payable on booking to secure your place which half of the deposit is king. 

All food, supplements and medication needs are to be provided by you the owner, for the duration of all services including home boarding, as well as own bedding where necessary.   

Home boarding dogs are invited to come for a trial period of 2  hours at no extra cost before a longer stay commences.  

Bitches in season will not be accepted for walking but will be accepted for house visits.

Free collection and drop off within a 3-mile radius of Tullibody  (this is not inclusive of the walk time), a charge of 50p per mile will be charged outwith the radius.

Happy Pooch reserves the right to amend or change any of the enclosed terms and conditions at any time. Happy   

Pooch also reserve the right to decline/terminate a booking in any circumstances. 

There will be a £5 admin charge due if through no fault of their own the walker can not gain entrance to the property to carry out the walk. Happy Pooch will endeavour to contact the owner to make an alternative arrangement, however, in these circumstances, Happy Pooch can not accept any responsibility. 

Any damage caused by any dog to the property or personal belongings during their daycare or overnight boarding will be billed directly to the dog owner.